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At Custom Logo Cases, we help thousands of companies protect the laptop computers, mobile phones and tablet computers that they provide for employees, so that they can make the most of their investments. We are committed to helping companies find the best protection solution for their corporate-owned tablets, smartphones and laptops, and for many of the businesses with which we work, corporate skins turn out to be the ideal choice for offering that optimal level of protection. Read on to learn more about our corporate skins for smartphones, tablets and laptops or click the green "Get Quote" button for a custom pricing information.

What Are Corporate Skins?

Corporate skins are vinyl covers that stick in place on the metal or plastic housings of laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. Once the corporate skins are in place, they help to keep devices and laptops free of scratches during day to day use. The skins do not use any type of adhesive to stick to devices, so they can be removed and reused if necessary. When you take a skin off of a computer or mobile device, there is no sticky residue left behind either.

Advantages of Corporate Skins

There are a number of reasons why many companies choose corporate skins over other types of tablet, laptop and smartphone cases. Namely, corporate skins are:

- Economical. Corporate skins do not require a large investment, particularly when you purchase large quantities in bulk from Custom Logo Cases.

- Effective. In terms of scratch protection, corporate skins do an excellent job of limiting damage and can help keep tablets, laptops and smartphones looking like new.

- Convenient. You won't find a case, cover or sleeve that minimizes device and computer size the way that corporate skins do. The skins do not make devices or computers heavier or bulkier, so they remain easy to carry and convenient for employees to use.

- Customizable. We can add any type of logo, emblem, insignia, wording or artwork to corporate skins that you choose. If you have an image in mind to include in the design of your corporate skins, our graphic designers will optimize it for printing to make sure that it looks perfect on the finished product. If you don't have a graphic, we will design one for you free of charge.

Styles of Corporate Skins

There are three main styles of corporate skins:

- Corporate Laptop Skins. Laptop skins can be made to fit a laptop of any size regardless of the make and model.

- Corporate Tablet Skins. Like laptop skins, tablet skins for companies can be made for any type of device, including all Android tablets, full size iPads, iPad Air tablets and iPad Mini tablets. You can choose from tablet skins that cover just the backs or that wrap around to also protect the sides and fronts. We will add cutouts to keep every feature of the tablet or tablet models that your employees use accessible.

- Corporate Smartphone Skins. Corporate smartphone skins can be made for any type of phone. Similarly to tablet skins, phone skins are available in full and back-only styles and will feature custom cutouts.



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