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Custom Skins are one of the most popular promotional products that we carry here at Custom Logo Cases. Offered for laptops, smartphones and tablet computers of all types, these skins are an excellent choice for distributing at trade shows, conferences, conventions, community events and networking events. They also make great gifts with purchase and customer appreciation gifts. We even offer these custom skins for wholesale to retailers that wish to expand their product lines with one-of-a-kind skins made just for their stores.

What Are Skins?

Skins are used to protect the outer coverings of mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android devices and the housings of laptop computers. Unlike cases and sleeves that snap or slip onto devices and computers, skins cling to the surfaces of devices. Our custom skins are made from the finest quality vinyl and are extra thick to hold up to wear and tear, making them of incomparable quality.

The Benefits of Custom Skins

Many people who use mobile devices and laptop computers prefer skins to other types of protection like cases, covers and sleeves because of the many benefits that they provide. Custom skins:

- Maintain the Dimensions and Weight of Devices. Skins do not add any bulk to a tablet, phone or laptop, and they do not change the overall shape of the device. In addition, custom skins do not make devices any heavier. As a result, skins allow users to easily carry their devices and laptops.

- Are Easy to Use. Some skins on the market today are difficult to use, but at Custom Logo Cases, we have perfected our design. Our skins go on easily without forming bubbles, folds or creases, and they stay in place securely without slipping. In addition, our custom skins can be removed easily. They do not leave behind sticky adhesive, and they can be reused again and again.

- Provide Scratch Protection. Custom skins provide a barrier from abrasions and scratches to keep mobile devices and computers in good condition.

For companies and organizations looking for promotional giveaway items or gifts, skins are equally beneficial because they are:

- Are Very Economical. You can purchase custom skins for a great low price here at Custom Logo Cases. Custom skins are one of our most affordable promotional products, and we back up our high quality skins with a low price match guarantee. The skins can be purchased in quantities of as few as 10, and bulk pricing makes large orders even more affordable.

- Are Highly Customizable. Skins provide you with a large surface area to customize, opening up the possibilities to include eye-catching graphics and prints along with your company logo.

- Are Easy to Store and Transport. Because skins are so lightweight and compact, they are easy to take with you to all types of promotional events.

Check out the many different types of custom skins that are available to customize with your brand logo. Click on a product to learn more about its features.



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